4pc T Plug to EC3 Adapters for RC Servo & Receiver Connections



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Efficient T Plug to EC3 Adapter Kit

Enhance your RC connections with our 4-piece adapter kit, featuring both T plug female to EC3 male and T plug male to EC3 female configurations. These adapters are designed for robust, secure connections in RC airplanes, boats, and cars.

Superior Build Quality

Each adapter is constructed from original, 100% new factory parts, ensuring premium quality and performance. The lightweight, compact design not only simplifies operation but also significantly reduces the internal resistance of your power supply.

Comprehensive Package Contents

The kit includes 2pcs of T plug female to EC3 male and 2pcs of T plug male to EC3 female adapters, perfect for both servo and receiver connections. These adapters ensure a reliable and efficient energy transfer across your RC setups.

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