What Are the PNP、RTR、RTF in the Remote Control Hobby

Introduction of Radio Control Model Product Format

RC models are available in a variety of Product Formats to suit your needs.

The Product Format and its three letter acronym are a basic designation which tells you two primary things:

1) what amount of assembly is required 

2) what is included with the model. The following table provides a brief summary of each Product Format. More detailed descriptions are listed below the table.



Items Included

Product Format

Assembly Required







PNP - Receiver Ready

Basic / Moderate







RTF - Ready to Fly








RTR - Ready to Run









Plug N Play

PNP - PNP or Plug N' Play products are near ready-to-fly models requiring typically less than 1-2 hours of build time. PNP models include the ESC, motor, and servos all pre-installed from the factory. Many pilots prefer PNP models because it allows them the flexibility to use any brand of receiver in their aircraft.
Requires: receiver, battery, charger, and transmitter.

Ready to Fly

RTF - RTF stands for "Ready to Fly". Aircraft that are RTF come with everything you need to fly in the box. A transmitter, battery, charger, receiver, and all other required electronics are included and pre-installed from the factory. All you need to do is charge your battery, attach the wings and stabilizers and you're ready for flight. While everything is included and pre-installed, RTF models can require 30 minutes to two hours of assembly.
Requires: Nothing.

Ready to Run

RTR - RTR means "Ready to Run" and is used to describe vehicles and boats that are basically ready to run/use out of the box. Some models may require minor assembly, but everything needed will be included in the box including the radio, receiver, battery, charger and all accessories. 
Requires: Nothing.

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