The fexible landing gear

Customers often ask us about how to install the landing gear.

The version of before updating needs to use a screwdriver to unscrew the screw, and then put the landing gear in, which is very inconvenient for customers with big hands, and it is not easy to operate. Therefore, EXHOBBY has launched a  landing gear which is buckle design, which is convenient for both disassembly and installation. When you need to replace the landing gear, you only need to pull it out to remove it. If you want to install it, you only need a little force to insert the landing gear into the slot. This is not only convenient for friends with big hands, but also for novice enthusiasts.

The version of before updating

landing gear

Updated version

landing gear

How to install?

exhobby landing gearexhobby landing gearexhobby landing gear

Thanks your watching.:)


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